Asian Vegetable and Mushroom Soup

From what I am hearing, celeriac can be kind-of intimidating. And you’re not wrong. It’s ugly, knobby, sometimes furry, and very good at accumulating dirt in all its myriad nooks and crannies. Like, what do you do with something like THAT? Well, the answer is pretty much anything…. and you should. It has a lot of fiber, which is associated with regulating blood glucose. It is high in vitamin K which is good for bone health, and vitamin C, which is great for immunity and lowering blood pressure. Oh, and it’s DELICIOUS both raw or cooked. I would like to share a couple recipes highlighting this ‘gorgeous’ root vegetable that is similar to celery in flavor, but more intense and earthy… almost a bit nutty. Also, this is a great way to utilize some of the daikon, pak choy and onions of the CSA this month. I hope you enjoy!
Asian Vegetable and Mushroom Soup
(serves ~6)

2 cups pak choy, chopped (whites and greens separated)
2 small-ish zucchinis, sliced to ¼ inch
2 cups mixed color baby bells, chopped and seeds removed
½ cup onion, diced
1 cup celeriac, diced
1 diakon, sliced to ¼ inches
1 cup king oyster mushrooms, sliced to ¼ inch
4 cloves garlic, minced
1 tbsp sesame oil (or spicy sesame if you like that)
1 serrano, sliced thin (optional)
10 cups roasted chicken stock (or vegetable stock if you want to go full vegan)
Fish sauce to taste (or coconut aminos if you want to go full vegan)


  1. Add chicken stock and mushrooms to a large stock pot on med-high until it hits a low boil. Reduce to med-low to simmer.
  2. After about 5 minutes, add the onion, celeriac, diakon, garlic and serrano.
  3. After about 5 more minutes, add the white parts of the pak choy, zucchini, and baby bells.
  4. After about 5 more minutes, add the green parts of the pak choi, sesame oil and fish sauce.
  5. Let everything incorporate for a couple minutes and serve hot.