Italian Bolognese on Korean Yam Noodles

I really enjoy this interesting little phase here in Central Oregon where we haven’t quite transitioned out of the frosty bite of winter, but we start having bursts of warmth promising growth and new life.The farmers at Rainshadow are adept at honing this transition, still bringing in the last of the heavily sugared beets, potatoes, and parsnips, as well as producing all the signs of spring. Scallion, baby red sorrel, pastel radish, and tender pea shoot are just some that come to mind. When I cook, I like to embrace this agricultural shoulder season, keeping it cozy and warm with fresh spring accents. Warmer climes and beautiful produce are on their way, and the summer CSA with Rainshadow is a great way to explore what central Oregon can produce under the watchful eye of caring, soil-stained hands.Here I created a hybrid of traditional Korean Japchae and traditional Italian Bolognese. I ground fresh pork with beef and added chopped cellar onions, carrots and lovage with about 200 cloves of garlic. Simmer in a slow cooker with preserved tomato and of course, a bottle of red wine because… wine. Add fresh thyme, rosemary, and dried fennel seed to taste. Simmer overnight. Par cook purple yam noodles (or any pasta you like) and toss with chopped garlic, scallion, and pea shoots. Top with hearty bolognese, baby red sorrel, and fresh pea shoots.Cheers!