Perfection for a perfectionist is never obtained. Try as we might, there’s always something more just out of reach.

Crispy Bacon and Asparagus Breakfast SammiesSometimes I look back on a recipe I created and am frustrated that it wasn’t perfect first time out of the gate. Big thick fluffy grain free biscuits are my current challenge. They take so many hours to experiment with and develop from a basket of earth covered potatoes, and when we’re trying to run the world, time is not always on our side.

Learning to fail forward and be comfortable with our shortcomings seems to be the key to forward momentum. No, sometimes the soufflé doesn’t rise, and we don’t always cross off everything on the daily list of to-do, but being content with progress, and learning can render the good bits just a bit sweeter.

The biscuit recipe isn’t quite perfect yet, but filled with a perfect sunny egg and crispy bacon over tender baby asparagus and a spicy dill thyme aioli, and I can be perfectly satisfied. When we’re fueled for the day with nutrient-rich organic foods, we are able to try again, ready to keep reaching for the top.

Credits to @theprimalfocus