Smoked Salmon Over Asian Greens & Sweet Soy Shiitake Mushrooms

What do you do when you sell your grill and it’s verging on summer in Central Oregon? You put literally everything on the smoker, and that is not a bad thing! This recipe sings warm weather, and reminds me of being in Japan, where every meal is always balanced with sweet, salt, acid, bitter, and umami. It is so tasty, and I hope you enjoy!


Smoked Salmon Over Asian Greens & Sweet Soy Shiitake Mushrooms

(serves 4)



1 lb wild king salmon

2 heads Asian greens (any choy variety will do), sliced ½ inch

1 lb shiitake mushrooms, sliced ¼ inch

Splash avocado oil

¼ cup sugar or maple syrup

¼ cup low sodium soy sauce

¼ cup chicken stock

4 cloves garlic, minced

Pinch of chili flake (optional)

Squeeze of lemon (optional)

Chive blossoms for garnish



  1. Heat the smoker to 225F and lightly salt the salmon. Smoke skin side to grate until desired temperature is achieved (for me it was about 30 minutes to medium doneness). You could easily substitute pan seared, grilled, or oven baked salmon. Be sure to serve fully rested (about 10 minutes)

  2. While the salmon is smoking, sautee the shiitake mushrooms, garlic, splash of avocado oil, and pinch of chili flake over medium high heat for 5 minutes or so, until toothsome. 

  3. In a separate wok or skillet on medium high heat, add chicken stock, soy sauce and granulated sugar and reduce slightly, about 2 minutes. Add asian greens and wilt about 4 minutes. Remove from heat. 

  4. Using a food ring (optional) plate a layer of wilted greens, a layer of mushrooms, and top with salmon. Garnish with a squeeze of lemon chive blossoms.