In an ‘offal’ mood today. Broccoli rabe is one of those things that I love just simply roasted with some avocado oil and garlic until the stalks are tender and the leaves are perfectly crispy. But then, why not switch it up from time to time with the racy acidity of home dried tomatoes from the fruitful summer last year. Add that to the sweet sulfur of cellar onions and this base is happily balanced. The tangy bite of the tomato offsets the beautifully rich beef tongue that I braised for 8 hours then smoked for an additional 4 with burnt cherry wood. Harmony.

Heavily season and braise beef tongue or tough beef hind roast in stock of choice for approximately 8 hours in a slow cooker. Smoke with cherry wood for an additional 4 at 180 degrees. Separately, toss broccoli rabe with minced cellar garlic and sweet onion in a hot pan until tender. Add oiled sundried tomato and minced garlic until slightly blackened. Serve tongue cut on the bias over the broccoli rabe stir fry. Pull fresh thyme for garnish.