Sous Vide Truffled T-Bone Steak with Baby Mustard Greens

Grass Fed Beef is an interesting concept. Many of us eat it simply because we heard it was healthier, but we don’t really understand why. Without even getting into the sustainability and environmental implications of pastured animals (which is wildly superior to commercial beef production), I want to talk a bit about Omega 3 and Omega 6. They are both important. We can’t live without either one, though we tend to celebrate the 3 with all but an annual parade. But why?

The issue is with ratios. With grainfed/cornfed beef, they are getting waaaaay too many O6 in their diet than they would ever get in nature, and that transfers to you when you eat it. Pastured beef is naturally perfect with human required ratio of 3:1 O6:O3. Commercial beef is about 20:1. This causes a host of issues as the body tries to get rid of all the excess O6 and maintain homeostasis. Unfortunately, most of us grew up on this flavor and texture of beef, and I’m not going to lie, it can be damn good.

Grass fed beef has much less of that coveted marbling the world goes gaga for, and that giant fat cap around many cuts of meat we are all used to is thinner, more sinewy, and tastes like, well, grass. haha. So I want to be good to my body, and I also want a perfectly juicy and tender steak. What to do? Sous Vide!

You can cook any Rainshadow pastured beef in a low temp water bath with a sous vide attachment and maintain that juicy, tender corn-fed texture with alllllll the right nutrition your body will thank you for. In my opinion, this kitchen tool is not optional, and I use it almost every week. This 1 in. T-Bone was cooked for an hour and a half at 113F with truffle salt and black pepper. Seared off in bacon fat in cast iron, and finished with Maldon’s salt. Served with a salad of baby mustard greens over a homemade lemon aioli.