Thanksgiving is always so fun! Family comes together which makes us equally elated and ready to pull our hair out, the air is crisp, and we are primed and ready to pack on the pounds…. Or we’re about to, so we might as well embrace it. I mean, we don’t even have to think about a bikini here in Central Oregon until July.
I know in my home, I have always been so daunted by the illusive “Perfect Turkey”. At any given home, they are always too dry, or too salty, or the skin is flaccid, or you cut into a raw thigh. Haha, I have seen it all over the years and I decided I needed a fail-safe way to get things done. It is always perfect. So here’s the recipe, from me to you. Go knock everyone’s socks off, you amazing human!
This recipe works well, for 15-25lb turkeys, but I’m sure the rules hold true for any size. You can’t even overcook it because you cook it at the temperature that it’s served at. Yup. You’re going to love it.
  1. I like to thaw the turkey out in the fridge uncovered so the skin can get really dry… at least 24 hours in the cold air.
  2. Next, separate the skin of the breast from the meat itself. Make sure to separate it all. This way the skin can really bubble up and get crispy. I do the same thing to the thigh/legs, but that might be a little more challenging on the smaller ones.
  3. Get a team mate or spotter and have them pour fat of choice under the skin while you massage it into the meat. Salt and pepper to season as well. Repeat on top of the skin of the whole bird
  4. Add sprigs of rosemary, lemon slices, fresh thyme, or whatever tickles your fancy.
  5. In a turkey roasting pan, add a quart of high quality apple cider. Rast for 20 to 30 minutes at 425F to get nice and golden. Reduce heat to 170F
  6. Cook at 170 degrees F for one hour per lb of turkey. Baste if you feel like it every now and again.

Voila! So much better than your Mother in Law’s, but we won’t say anything 😉