Thai Pink (green) Curry

This dish felt weird to make. I love Thai green curry, and it’s usually, well, green. I would never pair these ingredients, but somehow it just worked, I had some coconut milk I wanted to use, and some pulled smoked chuck roast from the CSA, along with the unlimited bounty of Rainshadow beets and carrots. Sometimes you just have to get creative and use what you have, especially when you are hungry and all the stores are closed for the night. Got to love that small town on a Sunday vibe, where you cannot get anything healthy after 7pm (haha) This dish is super easy and quick, and will pull together a family dinner in a pinch. It’s also great for meal prepping, as it keeps well in the fridge for several days, or can even be frozen. I hope you enjoy!

Thai Pink (green) Curry

(serves 6)


1.5 lbs carrots, ½ inch sliced

1.5 lbs beets, ½ inch diced

1 large onion, ½ inch diced

Splash of avocado oil

4 cloves garlic, minced

1 can coconut milk

1 can coconut cream (or another coco milk if you like it lower cal)

¼ cup green curry paste (a bit more or less depending on your spice preference)

Chopped green onions for garnish

(meat of choice to top)

(steamed rice for a base)


  1. Saute carrots, beets, and onions on medium high heat for a few minutes with the splash of avocado oil to get a little char/caramelization.

  2. Add garlic for just a minute to the saute.

  3. Add coconut milk and cream and reduce heat to medium low.

  4. Add curry paste and let simmer 10-15 minutes, stirring occasionally.

  5. When veggies are to your liking, spoon over steamed rice and garnish with sliced green onions.

  6. (I smoked a Rainshadow chuck roast for 7 hours at 225 then oven roasted another 7 hours at 225 to break down the connective tissue because those pastured cows are freaking muscular with little fat) This is what I used to top, but would be great with chicken or pork as well!